Roof Repairs Dublin – 24 Hour Emergency Service Available

Our roof repair service is available 24 hours a day and we are equipped and trained to deal with any and all types of issues. Whether you need a simple tile replacement or an entirely new portion of your roof to be constructed, The Dublin Roofers are trusted, dependable and professional.

To give the very fastest service our company vans are always stocked with a large selection of tiles, slates and other emergency tools and materials.

We can fix all roof types including residential commercial, industrial and listed buildings. Our staff are fully qualified, time-served tradesmen. They have full public liability insurance; employers’ liability cover and contract works insurance. Most importantly, all our prices are affordable and fair.

  • Storm damage
  • Fallen tree damage
  • All types of roof including pitched roofs, flat roofs, commercial, garage roofs, balconies, porch roofs, shed roofs, slate and tiled roofs
  • Here’s a small selection of what we can fix for you:
  • Replace cracked, damaged or missing tiles or ridge tiles
  • Fix leaking flashing around windows and skylights
  • Repair or replace damaged felt
  • Repair or replace guttering, downpipes and lead flashing
  • Fix leaking or damaged chimneys and lead apron
  • Replace soffits/fascias, barge boards and eaves
  • Corroded roof tiles
  • Broken, cracked or slipped tiles and slates
  • Corroded nails
  • Re-point verges
  • Repair skylights
  • Soffits, fascias, cladding, valleys and gullies repaired

Our Process

1) We call at any time out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We arrive quickly on the scene, usually within 30 minutes.

2) Our team will survey the damage. Then they will write out a detailed quote with photos of the damage and a list of all the works that need to be carried out.

3) You can trust our prices to always be fair and affordable.

4) Once you are happy to proceed we can schedule a date for the works. If you need us to we can start on your repairs instantly.

5) We work fast and efficiently but also make sure to follow our strict health and safety guidelines. This keeps you, your family and our staff 100% safe, which is our number one priority.

6) All work is carried out to the very strictest industry standards and specifications. Our roofers are time-served, highly trained and fully certified.

7) After all repairs have been completed, we will clean up all debris and take it with us. A team lead will also take pictures of the completed work for you to view and sign off on.

8) A written warranty will be issued to you before we leave so that you can be confident that the work carried out has been done so to an exceptional quality. And if for any reason there is an issue we will come back and fix it free of charge, no questions asked.

Emergency Roofers in Dublin

We have roofers on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can solve any issue quickly and easily and because our roofing repair specialists are all locally based they’re able to get to you in 30 minutes or less. A fully qualified team of 2 experts will arrive on the scene and quickly assess the situation. We will quickly deal with the issues at hand and stop water from leaking into your home or business.

If the repairs required are very extreme, then our team will perform a temporary fix to prevent any further damage and top the leaking of water into your home. Then they will return later in the day with the full materials required to solve the problem for good.

You can be guaranteed of a very high quality level of workmanship due to our over 40 years of experience, serving clients in Dublin and the surrounding counties.

Our 100% Satisfaction 30 Year Guarantees

The Dublin Roofers offer extremely long written guarantees on every job we do right up to 30 years.

From small roof repairs right up to new roof constructions and everything in between, we always aim for 100% satisfaction.

Our 30 year guarantees are designed to give you maximum peace of mind.

Thousands of Happy Customers

More than happy to recommend The Dublin Roofers for any roof repairs. The team that came to fix my roof were terrific. They worked quickly and cleared up any rubbish after them. Very pleased with everything.
Henry Browne

Everyone we worked with at The Dublin Roofers were very professional, courteous and kept to appointments. Communication was great throughout and our questions were always answered promptly.
Julia Burke

Very impressive customer service from Maria. The team’s workmanship was excellent and we were very happy with the competitive price. We are also very grateful that everything was finished within our tight schedule.
Mark Thorne

Roof Tiles and Slate Repair

Due to general wear and tear or bad weather, tiles and slates can become damaged, broken or dislodged.

You may not even notice at first, until a damp patch starts to appear in your ceiling or walls. At this point you need a professional roofing service before things get any worse. If ignored, the damage will get worse, possibly causing mold to grow or even worse for the felt, batons and other wooden roof structures to start rotting. If ignored for a long enough time this could cause your home to become unsafe or even have the roof collapse.

For 40 years the good people of Dublin and the surrounding counties have called on our family to help them repair their roofs. And time and time again we have succeeded.

Replacing or repairing broken tiles is our bread and butter so our teams can do it quickly and easily with little to no disruption. We will replace it with the exact same tile and afterwards we’ll take away any debris or broken tiles. We can repair or replace all types of roof covering including, concrete or clay tiles and slates.

Guaranteed and insured service. We offer the best guarantee in Dublin with 10 years guarantees!

We Also Provide Other Emergency Services

Chimney Repairs

Due to a chimney’s position on your roof, it usually catches a lot of the harshest wind, rain and hailstones. In storms they stick out and catch a lot of wind too. Refitting pots, repair lead flashing, plaster or pebble-dashing

Guttering Repairs and Installation

A commonly damaged part of your roof during storms or heavy rain and snowfall are your gutters. They catch lots of dirt such as dead leaves and this can cause them to begin corroding or to become heavy and crack, fall off. If you need an emergency repair then we are more than happy to help. We can replace or repair your guttering, and downpipes as needed.

Insurance Roof Repairs from Storm Damage

Storm damage is often covered under your house insurance and will allow us to carry out emergency repairs for you. We can take care of your emergency roof leak immediately and then we can invoice your home insurance company directly. This means you end having to pay nothing.

Flat Roof Repairs

Depending on the condition of your flat roof, during harsh weather they can become damaged and leak quite easily. Even low winds can cause rips in a flat roof’s surface. We are on hand as always to fix it so that it never leaks again. Call us to fix pooling water or poor drainage, replace damaged gutters, fix leaks in the flashing, repair tears or cracks in surface membranes and any other issues you might be having.

We repair all flat roofs including felt roofs, EPDM rubber, single ply membranes, asphalt roofs and GRP fiberglass

Lead Repairs

Sometimes storms can cause lead to slip or even get ripped off completely. Other times you may have been the victim of lead theft. Call us to replace buckled panels or flashing or fix lead that has cracked, split or become loose.

Whatever the reason is for you needing our services, please don’t hesitate to call us. Lead plays a very important part of keeping rain from getting inside your home. 

Check Out Our Previous Work

How Much is it to Repair a Roof?

This is a tricky question to answer as there is no one size fits all response. Every roof repair is unique in its own way and so the price will vary from job to job. The only way to give an accurate quote is for one of our roofing experts to see the roof up close.

When we inspect your roof, we make sure to take photos or video so that you can see the damage for yourself. Then we formulate a plan to fix it for you. At the end we will provide you with a written guarantee for the work carried out and pictures or video of the finished repairs.

How do You Fix a Leaky Roof?

What repairs are required will ultimately depend on exactly why and where your roof is leaking. Sometimes the leak can be caused by damaged lead flashing, other times it can be from cracked or missing tiles or felt that has eroded away over time.

Some of these fixes are quick and easy and others are more time-consuming and trickier.

If you just have a cracked concrete roof tile, then often all you need to do to fix your leaky roof is pull out the pieces of the old tile and slide a new one in by lifting the tile above it.

How do you Know if Your Roof is Damaged?

The first and most obvious sign of a damaged roof is seeing wet patches appear inside your home on your walls or ceiling.

Sometimes though, there won’t be an obvious wet patch. Instead you might just see some mould growth which can be a subtle indicator of water leaking in.

If your home is a bungalow or if you have a ladder and follow the necessary safety precautions you may be able to inspect your roof yourself. Look for things such as cracked or missing tiles and slates or slipped or damaged lead flashing from around chimneys, skylights, dormer windows etc.

If you have a flat roof and hear flapping in high winds that indicates roof membrane that has come loose and will need to be repaired soon.

What do I do if I Suspect my Roof is Leaking?

It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a potentially leaking roof. Water leaking into your home can cause thousands of euro worth of damage if it is not taken care of in a timely fashion. You can end up having to replace portions of your roof, ceiling and walls in some more severe cases.

If you can safely access your roof you can carry out a quick inspection yourself, although you may not always know what you are looking for and might miss some signs.

The Dublin Roofers offer free roof inspections and we also have a 24/7 emergency service. So it really makes sense to have our trusted experts take a look for you instead.

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