Expert Roof Installation & Replacement in Dublin

We offer comprehensive roof replacement and installation services across Dublin and its surrounding areas, available to you on short notice. We will quickly dispatch a well-equipped and well-trained team of roofing experts to efficiently evaluate your roof and determine whether you should go with installation or replacement.  

Do You Need a New Roof or Roof Replacement?

Deciding to refurbish or replace an old roof is a big decision. The cost of having roof replacement performed in Ireland by a team of roofing experts using high quality materials and following the best roofing methods can be high.

However, this will ensure that the roof never leaks and has an extremely long lifespan. If you hire a cheap roofer you’ll often be left with more headaches down the line. Remember that the roof on your home is an investment and for the best return you need to hire the best.

We like to approach every new roof placement anywhere in Dublin as a partnership between us and the client. We work towards the common goal of building a roof that is strong, durable, weather-proof and is priced at an affordable rate. 

The Dublin Roofers are proud to have over 20 years of experience replacing or refurbishing roofs, as well as doing brand new roofing installation in Dublin. Without question we are the best company for the job. Whether the project is small or large, we are capable and excited to take on any challenge.

If you’d like a quote then call us today. We offer the very longest guarantees of any roofing company in Dublin.

Why Work With The Dublin Roofers?

  • We provide a detailed, written roof evaluation
  • Full video and pictures of the roof and problem areas
  • Expert, no-obligation advice on the best course of action
  • Extremely long, insurance-backed guarantees on all work

Transparency and Clear Communication

During any roof replacement or installation project, problems can arise when expectations are not met. This is why we put such emphasis on clear and effective communication with our clients.

Every project has a project manager appointed to oversee the construction. He will always be at hand to be of assistance and can be contacted at any time of the day or night with any questions or concerns.This keeps your roof construction moving along efficiently and every part has clear expectations.

As part of this process, we also clearly outline the expected schedule of works at the outset so both parties are on the same page. We find this entire approach to roofing installation works excellently.


It is important for any roofing company that deals with installation and replacement to be flexible and nimble. If any issues arise we are able to liaise with you quickly to solve the problem and keep the project moving along. 

Sometimes it is the Dublin weather which gets in the way, other times it is access problems. It doesn’t matter. With our problem solving attitude we are confident any and all problems can be resolved quickly.

Our 100% Satisfaction 30 Year Guarantees

The Dublin Roofers offer extremely long written guarantees on every job we do right up to 30 years.

From small roof repairs right up to new roof constructions and everything in between, we always aim for 100% satisfaction.

Our 30 year guarantees are designed to give you maximum peace of mind.

Thousands of Happy Customers

More than happy to recommend The Dublin Roofers for any roof repairs. The team that came to fix my roof were terrific. They worked quickly and cleared up any rubbish after them. Very pleased with everything.
Henry Browne

Everyone we worked with at The Dublin Roofers were very professional, courteous and kept to appointments. Communication was great throughout and our questions were always answered promptly.
Julia Burke

Very impressive customer service from Maria. The team’s workmanship was excellent and we were very happy with the competitive price. We are also very grateful that everything was finished within our tight schedule.
Mark Thorne

Your 8 Step Roofing Process

Agree on a Schedule

To begin we will work with you to arrange a schedule that suits your specific needs. If you need the project completed by a certain date or using specific materials or if there are limitations due to access, we will solve them at the outset and finalise a schedule for completion.

Health and Safety Focus

Every member of our roofing teams is fully certified in a multitude of health and safety classes from basic first aid, to Safe Pass to working at heights and more.

Safety is at the forefront of every project we take on. Not just our safety but also safety to other parts of your home and you and your family too.

Before starting we hold a safety meeting to highlight any specific safety issues on the site. Scaffolding is installed by a qualified and certified operator and flags and yellow tape are used as needed to cordon off areas where debris may fall.

Delivery of Materials

We will arrange for the ordering and delivery of all materials we will need to complete your new roof. Our PM will also coordinate the delivery and on-site management.

As always we will keep disruption of your daily life to an absolute minimum. 

Agree on Final Details

Before commencing our PM or foreman will require your signature to sign off on the agreed upon schedule of works and timeframe. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and working together.

Roof Replacement or Installation

Our time-served and certified professionals will begin to install your new roof. We work quickly and efficiently, making sure to follow all building regulations, health and safety procedures and the most up to date methods of construction.

Creating a strong, stable, waterproof roof is our goal and we take great care paying attention to every tiny detail, so we can make this a reality.

Inspections Before Finishing

After we are finished, your project manager will sign off on the construction by carrying out a detailed inspection on every aspect of your roof. Then you’ll be asked to give your opinions and once you are happy you can sign off on the work too.

Thorough Clean Up

We always perform a thorough clean up after every project. Our aim is to leave your home looking just as good as it did before we arrived.

Insurance-Backed Warranty

As part of hiring The Dublin Roofers you receive written guarantees on your new roof. We offer the very longest warranties in Ireland and they are also insurance backed, meaning you are protected in all eventualities.

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How Much Does a New Residential Roof Cost?

Every roof is different and needs to be priced individually, as no two roof installations cost the same. We offer a 100% free, no-obligation consultation where we will give you a detailed written quote and answer any of your questions.

How Long Can I Expect My New Roof to Last?

This will largely depend on what type of roofing materials you use. A reasonable estimate is 25+ years assuming experienced professionals performed roof installation, and that it is maintained properly.

However we are proud to offer the very longest roofing guarantees in Ireland. 

What Service Can I Expect From The Dublin Roofers?

We aim to make the process of giving you a new roof no matter your location in Dublin as quick and easy as possible. By providing excellent prices with top quality customer care and workmanship, we have positioned ourselves as the top roofing service in Dublin.

Read our reviews to see just how happy our clients are with their new roofs.

How Long do Roofs Usually Last?

This will depend on the skill level of the roofers who installed your roof and the quality level of specific materials that they used. You also need to consider the weather conditions and whether regular maintenance has been carried out or not.

However clay roof tiles can last for 50 years or longer. Most metal roofs can last for 70 years with zinc lasting even longer. Natural slate tiles can last for over 100 years. Concrete tiles are similar to clay roof tiles and should last at least 50 years.

How do I Know When to Replace My Roof?

There are a number of warning signs that it might be time to invest in a new roof for your home. The first would be simply knowing its age. Many roofs need to be replaced at around the 30 year mark. At the very least they require a thorough inspection.

Be on the lookout for a number of wet or damp patches around the inside of your home. This would signify not just one but many leaking parts of your roof. If a roof is too old or has become too damaged over time, repairs may not work and a full roof replacement on your Dublin home might be needed.

Also look out for any areas of your roof that sink or sag. This can indicate rafters or joists that are holding moisture or beginning to rot. This can be very dangerous as the structural integrity of your roof is becoming compromised.

On the outside, if you see many tiles that are broken, cracked, missing or covered in moss and mildew growth, these are all bad signs. It shows that the roof is old and with so many damaged tiles or slates, water has likely been running into the inside of the roof and damaging the underlying membranes.

What’s Included in Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement can take on many different levels. If you are just replacing the roofing material for aesthetic purposes, your roofer may only need to replace the tiles or slates. If the roof is very old, you may also need to get your batons and felt replaced.

In more extreme circumstances where a roof is very old, built to outdated regulations, or has suffered extensive water damage, you may need to start from scratch and replace the joists, rafters, purlins as well as the felt, batons and tiles.

Additional roof carpentry may also be required in a case where you are replacing your roof with a material that is very heavy. For example, concrete tiles are extremely heavy and need a very strong substructure to support them.

Do you Need Planning Permission to Put a New Roof On?

You won’t need planning permission to put a new roof on your home assuming you are just replacing a like for like. However if you were converting your attic and dramatically raising the overall height of the original roof or adding dormer windows in the front, then you need to start paying attention to the local building regulations as planning may be required.

There are a number of exemptions available. For example you can build an extension with less than 40sqm area and as long as the roof is not higher than the roof on your existing home, you don’t need planning permission.

Similar exemptions are available for porch roofs and shed roofs too. It’s always best to consult your local authority to get the most up to date information. 

Who Offers the Best Roof Replacement & Installation Services Near Me in Dublin and The Area?

If you’re on the prowl for a reputable Dublin roof installation & replacement company and the surrounding areas, you can always rely on The Dublin Roofers to get the job done. Besides offering a wide array of expert roofing services across Dublin, we’re also here for you if you need professional help with installing a flat roof

Additionally, we offer professional roof installation to commercial business owners in the area and even handle efficient zinc roof placement in Dublin and the region

You can always visit our website if you’re in need of more information, and see about scheduling a consultation as soon as possible. Contact us today!

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