Our 24/7 Emergency Roofing Service in Dublin: There When You Need Us Most

The Dublin Roofers have roofing teams dotted all across the city and county that are on call and prepared to answer and resolve any roof related emergencies you may have. Whether you are a residential commercial or industrial customer, we are able to act quickly and efficiently fix your roof. As soon as we receive your call we can arrive at the scene very quickly. Our typical call out times are as low as 30 minutes. We even work on bank holidays and public holidays.

Your Best Choice for Emergency Roofing and Repair 

You never know when your roof is suddenly going to develop a serious problem that requires urgent attention. And it typically happens when you least expect it to.

Whether you are suffering from a small leak or if tiles have blown off, or if your home or premises has been damaged from a fallen tree during a storm, we are at your beck and call. Our emergency roofing repair in Dublin is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we come fully equipped to help with your roofing and guttering needs.

We Bring You 24/7 Roofing Services Across Dublin

You should never delay in getting your roof repaired. Small leaks can become serious issues very quickly and you might find that a small leak turns into a large and expensive project. Calling The Dublin Roofers as soon as you notice a problem will save you lots of time, money and stress in the long run.

Thankfully, most repairs are not that serious and can wait until morning, but if water is leaking in through your roof then you need to get it remedied quickly. Why not save our number in your phone in case you ever find yourself needing an emergency roofer in Dublin?

We are contactable by phone every hour of the day and night.

You can put your trust in The Dublin Roofers to deliver every time.

High-quality Services at the Best Prices Around 

Many roofers are notorious for charging hugely inflated prices for emergency roofing and repair services across the Dublin area. We think this type of behaviour is reprehensible. We never take advantage of any of our clients who are in distress. Our prices are very affordable and competitive even if you call us in the middle of the night or at the weekends. That’s something we are very proud of as we fully believe in providing top quality workmanship at prices that everyone can afford.

Call Your Favourite Dublin Roofers Today!

Our decades of experience combined with fully equipped vans mean we can solve almost all roof repair issues on the spot. However, in the rare case that the damage to your roof is quite severe, we can perform a temporary repair to stop the leak and ensure the damage doesn’t get worse. Then we can return later in the day to perform a complete repair or replacement of the portion of your damaged roof.

With every one of our tradesmen having such extensive levels of training, there’s no doubt that The Dublin Roofers are the very best team for the job.

So give us a call today on our 24 hour hotline and our operator will quickly have a specialist emergency roofer on your doorstep, ready to help you.

Our 100% Satisfaction 30 Year Guarantees

The Dublin Roofers offer extremely long written guarantees on every job we do right up to 30 years.

From small roof repairs right up to new roof constructions and everything in between, we always aim for 100% satisfaction.

Our 30 year guarantees are designed to give you maximum peace of mind.

Thousands of Happy Customers

More than happy to recommend The Dublin Roofers for any roof repairs. The team that came to fix my roof were terrific. They worked quickly and cleared up any rubbish after them. Very pleased with everything.
Henry Browne

Everyone we worked with at The Dublin Roofers were very professional, courteous and kept to appointments. Communication was great throughout and our questions were always answered promptly.
Julia Burke

Very impressive customer service from Maria. The team’s workmanship was excellent and we were very happy with the competitive price. We are also very grateful that everything was finished within our tight schedule.
Mark Thorne

What to do in Case of a Roofing Emergency?

The most important thing is to remain calm. However, you will still want to act quickly to prevent any damage from getting worse and costing more to fix.

It’s important that you don’t try and fix the damage yourself. Not only could this be very dangerous, but you risk making the damage worse if you don’t know what you are doing.

Call a trusted 24/7 emergency roofing service such as The Dublin Roofers. We offer a non-stop guaranteed 30 minute or quicker callout service for any and all roofing emergencies.

You’ll also want to document all the damage and repairs. Our roofer can take pictures or video for you of the damage and fill out insurance claim sheets to help you make a successful claim against your home’s insurance.

Who do You Call if you Have a Roof Leak?

Roof leaks aren’t always straightforward or easy to fix. Sometimes where the water appears in your roof or home is not where your roof is actually leaking.

You are going to need the services of a roofing company that has the necessary experience to not only find the source of your roof leak, but also to fix it correctly.

The Dublin Roofers are just the people or the job. But you need to call us as soon as you notice your leak so that we can fix it before your roof deteriorates further.

We can arrive quickly and begin the process of inspecting your roof, finding the source of the leak and fixing permanently. Our specialists for emergency roofing repair in Dublin make this look easy because they have the right training and we only use the highest grade equipment and materials on every repair job.

How do You Temporarily Stop a Roof Leak?

Under no circumstances should you get on your roof during a storm. Even after the storm has passed it is not advisable to go on your roof unless you follow the necessary safety precautions.

However there are still some things you can do safely from inside your attic.

If water is leaking in through a specific hole in your roof, place some wood across the joists and place a bucket down under the drip. This may be all you need to do.

However if the flow of water is quickly getting worse you can also trace the leak back to the source and using some roofing tar and plywood you can attempt to seal up the hole or damage from the inside.

What is Emergency Roof Tarping?

This is a stop-gap solution to a leaking roof. By securing a tarp over the damaged area, rainwater can be prevented from entering into your home. This will also stop any further damage. Emergency tarping is used in cases where a thorough inspection and repair cannot be carried out because the weather conditions are still too volatile and dangerous. Once the bad weather subsides, the tarp is removed and a permanent repair is carried out.

Who Should I Call for my Emergency Roofing Repair in Dublin? 

If you’ve experienced a roofing issue that needs an immediate fix, look no further than The Dublin Roofers. Our top-quality 24/7 roofing services are available across Dublin, so don’t hesitate to contact us no matter where you are located in the area. Our roofers specialize in a variety of roofing services, including convenient and detailed roof repair, dependable flat roofing services, as well as the finest commercial roof repair and maintenance in Dublin. Check out our website for more information or contact us for a personalized roofing solution today!

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