Efficient & Reliable Commercial Roof Repair in Dublin

As the owner of a commercial or industrial building in Dublin, it’s imperative that you protect your investment. A properly installed and maintained commercial roof is essential in preserving the integrity of the entire building.

There are a number of problems that commercial roofs can suffer from. Needless to say, through the years we have perfected the art of efficient, high quality repairs. We also pride ourselves in keeping our prices at a fair and affordable rate.

The Most Common Commercial Roof Repairs


Excessive moisture and heat or damp rising up through the subframe can cause the membrane to start blistering. These areas can tear easily and expose the roof underneath. They need to be remedied quickly to avoid further damage.

Adjacent Building Issues

When constructing a roof, it’s important to consider the roof of any adjacent buildings. Often they are disregarded and this can lead to problems. For example water can run off one roof onto yours and your drainage system may not be designed to deal with such a large amount of water.

In a storm, if debris or roof materials fall off an adjacent roof, they can cause damage to your commercial roof as well.

Blow Offs

This is common in areas in Dublin and Ireland that are prone to high winds or where the roof was installed poorly. The wind causes an uplift that can damage the roof membrane. Chimney and vent coverings can also be blown off in stormy weather causing water to enter the pipes.

Damaged Flashing

Over time roof flashing can become torn or cracked. This is due to the constantly expanding and contracting nature of roofs. When this happens water is free to enter through the roof, causing damage. This is the most common cause of a leaking commercial roof and as such is the first thing we look at during leak finding.

Foot Traffic or Piercing Damage

Most damage that roofs suffer is from builders that are working on it to install other equipment or machinery. The high traffic can cause excessive wear and tear. Also dropping a heavy object onto a roof can easily pierce a roof membrane. If water is able to seep through to the inner layers it can cause the material to become weakened over time, eventually allowing water in. Not all commercial roof materials are able to withstand a lot of foot traffic.

Water Pooling

If a roof is initially installed incorrectly, rainwater may not run off it correctly. Or if a drain or gutter becomes blocked, it can cause pools of water to form. Standing water eventually weakens the roof membrane leading to big problems.

Faulty Installation

A lot of the commercial roof repairs we carry out in Dublin and the surrounding areas are simply the result of poor installation or sub-par materials being used in the original construction. We commonly see poorly installed flashing, damage from using the wrong tools and entire steps of proper installation completely skipped!

Badly Done Repairs

Commercial roofing can be tricky and not all companies can do it correctly. That’s why we only hire the most experienced roofers for our commercial and industrial roofing teams.

Sometimes in an effort to increase margins, some commercial roofing companies will carry out sub-par repairs. Maybe they will only do a short-term job that doesn’t fix the true source of the leak. Other time’s their “repairs” simply make the leak even worse.

Rest assured that when working with The Dublin Roofers you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction in our superb quality commercial roof repairs.

Weather Damage

Roofs by their very nature take the brunt of all types of harsh weather. But it isn’t just high winds and rain that can cause damage. UV light from the sun can also cause problems. UV rays and excessive heat causes roof materials to contract or dry out and crack over time.

Our 100% Satisfaction 30 Year Guarantees

The Dublin Roofers offer extremely long written guarantees on every job we do right up to 30 years.

From small roof repairs right up to new roof constructions and everything in between, we always aim for 100% satisfaction.

Our 30 year guarantees are designed to give you maximum peace of mind.

Thousands of Happy Customers

More than happy to recommend The Dublin Roofers for any roof repairs. The team that came to fix my roof were terrific. They worked quickly and cleared up any rubbish after them. Very pleased with everything.
Henry Browne

Everyone we worked with at The Dublin Roofers were very professional, courteous and kept to appointments. Communication was great throughout and our questions were always answered promptly.
Julia Burke

Very impressive customer service from Maria. The team’s workmanship was excellent and we were very happy with the competitive price. We are also very grateful that everything was finished within our tight schedule.
Mark Thorne

Roof Maintenance and Inspections

To make sure that your roof enjoys the very longest life span, you need to carry our regular inspections.

As part of our wide range of services, we are happy to make a preventative maintenance and inspection schedule for you.

Usually this is arranged once a year, but we can also do bi-yearly if your roof has to deal with particularly harsh weather or if it’s already quite old and prone to becoming damaged or leaking.

This plan can save you many thousands of euro a year in emergency repairs. Not only that but we have seen the life spans of roofs almost double just from having regular maintenance.

We like to schedule our inspections in the springtime as it gives adequate time to deal with any problems.

Our inspections are incredibly thorough and we leave no area or part of your roof unchecked. We build a full written report for you with our findings and provide video or photos as well where needed.

How Do You Check for Roof Problems?

Two things are important when inspecting your roof for problems. Firstly you must be aware of and follow all safety guidelines. Second, you need to know what to look for.

Start by looking for cracked, missing or slipped tiles if you have a pitched roof. For a flat roof, look for any tears, splits or areas where the material has come away from the wall.

Next make sure your gutters are clear and haven’t suffered any damage. Also take a look at any soffits, fascias and bargeboards for cracks or other damage. If there is any mold or mildew growth, you should give them a clean.

Thirdly, pay attention to lead flashing around windows and skylights. Your valleys are another common weak point, they must be kept clear so water can drain away correctly.

Lastly, don’t neglect your chimney. Check for cracks in the cement or brick. And make sure the lead flashing is not damaged.

What is a Commercial Roofing Maintenance Checklist?

This is a checklist of items that need to be inspected regularly to ensure the longevity of your commercial roof. Here is our detailed maintenance checklist that we carry out for our clients in Dublin.

  • Conduct a Detailed Roof Inspection
  • Clean Debris
  • Inspect for Ponding Water
  • Look at the Flashing
  • Check the Field for Any Cracks or Tears
  • Inspect Terminations in Parapet Walls
  • Check the Edge Detail
  • Inspect Roof Surfaces
  • Check the Gutters
  • Look at Your Downspouts

How Fast Can I Schedule Professional Commercial Roof Repair in Dublin?

The Dublin Roofers is Dublin’s go-to provider of quality roofing services. As Dublin’s in-demand commercial roofing contractors, we can perform the maintenance of your commercial or residential roof in Dublin to protect you against unwanted repair costs, risks and emergencies. You can rely on us to give you an honest professional opinion and help you take the safest, most cost-effective course of action. Call and schedule your consultation today!

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