Efficient & Lasting Roof Chimney Repairs in Dublin

The Dublin Roofers have been repairing the chimneys of Dublin homes for over 20 years. We work very hard to ensure a top quality level of customer service and workmanship performed to Ireland’s highest professional chimney repair standards.

We take great pride in being able to resolve in any issue or problem you may be having with your chimney including:

  • Chimney relining and restoration
  • Chimney stack repair
  • Chimney damp solving
  • Chimney Stack Issues
  • Damp solving
  • Safely demolish and rebuild crumbling chimney stack
  • Fix any damaged plaster internally or externally
  • Insurance repairs for fire or storm damage
  • Fix fire damaged chimneys and flue liners

Your chimney is a very important part of your home. It can be very dangerous for you and your family if you don’t get a damaged chimney repaired in a timely manner.

That is why we act fast when we are called upon to carry out any repairs on chimneys in Dublin and the surrounding areas. We know it is very important that you are able to keep your house warm, especially in the colder months.

Our chimney repair experts can quickly find the source of your problem and formulate a plan of action to fix it fast at an affordable service cost.

For professional yet affordable chimney repair service there really is nobody else to call except The Dublin Roofers. 

Chimney Fire Repair

If your chimney has become damaged due to a fire the cost of relining your chimney and any necessary decorating work can be claimed back through your home insurance.

You will need to submit a video or camera survey and insurance report before your insurance will pay out. We can take care of these initial steps for you. And after you have been approved we can of course take care of your chimney repairs or rebuilding that needs to be carried out to bring your chimney back to its former glory.

Our 100% Satisfaction 30 Year Guarantees

The Dublin Roofers offer extremely long written guarantees on every job we do right up to 30 years.

From small roof repairs right up to new roof constructions and everything in between, we always aim for 100% satisfaction.

Our 30 year guarantees are designed to give you maximum peace of mind.

Thousands of Happy Customers

More than happy to recommend The Dublin Roofers for any roof repairs. The team that came to fix my roof were terrific. They worked quickly and cleared up any rubbish after them. Very pleased with everything.
Henry Browne

Everyone we worked with at The Dublin Roofers were very professional, courteous and kept to appointments. Communication was great throughout and our questions were always answered promptly.
Julia Burke

Very impressive customer service from Maria. The team’s workmanship was excellent and we were very happy with the competitive price. We are also very grateful that everything was finished within our tight schedule.
Mark Thorne

Chimney Relining and Restoration

Due to our experience with this process, we are able to make it as quick and painless as possible. It doesn’t take as long or does it create as much dust and debris as you might think.

By removing everything from the room, covering anything that cannot be removed and liberally using dust sheets that are taped around the edges, we can minimise or even eliminate the dust that enters your carpet or furniture.

We always make sure that your home is just as clean after we leave, as it was when we entered.

After a full preparation, we can begin the work of gaining access to the flue liners and removing them. Then we reline the chimney in line with the most up to date building rules.

Any plastering and redecorating work is carried out by our own professionals on staff. We never outsource any part of our work. 

Leaks of Carbon Monoxide

This gas can be fatal. It doesn’t have a smell and it also can’t be seen, which makes it even more dangerous. If your flue lining has deteriorated it could be letting carbon monoxide seep into your home affecting everyone in the house.

Chimney Cleaning

We always recommend that you have the chimney on your Dublin property cleaned twice a year and maybe even more often depending on the fuel you are burning. We are more than happy to take care of this for you, as this may even help reduce the need for chimney repairs. You can even set up a schedule with us where we will call out every 6 months.

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How Long do Brick Chimneys Last?

This is a tricky question to answer. The bricks or blocks of your chimney should last a lifetime. However the mortar around your chimney stack will typically start to show extreme wear, from the weather, after a few decades. The same goes for any plaster around your chimney. This can sometimes show cracks after only 10 years.

If left unchecked these cracks can get worse and cause some severe structural damage. This could result in water leaking into your home or even worse, parts of your chimney crumbling away and hitting someone below.

It’s important to perform regular checks to ensure that your roof hasn’t suffered any damage from harsh weather or old age.

If you undergo the necessary preventative maintenance and minor repairs your entire chimney stack should last 100 years.

How do You Repair a Chimney?

The steps required to repair a chimney really depend on what exactly needs to be done. If the damage is small you may only require some small masonry repair, tuckpointing or flashing repair around the chimney stack.

But in more extreme cases such as after a fire, you may need complete chimney relining and restoration.

This requires knocking through the wall in your living room and removing the flue liners and replacing them. We take great care with this to ensure minimum dust and disruption. Our tradesmen are able to completely redecorate as needed. Expert block laying, plastering and painting are all part of our service available across Dublin and the surrounding areas.

How Much is Chimney Repair?

We offer many different services related to chimney repair such as relining, carbon monoxide leak detection, chimney stack restoration, chimney cleaning, damp solving, fire and storm damage repairs, insurance reports and safe demolishing and rebuilding as needed.

So the only way to receive an accurate quote is to call us on 01 514 3432. Our chimney experts can arrive at a time convenient to you and give you a detailed written quotation complete with pictures or video of the damaged areas of your chimney.

Where do I Schedule a Quick & Dependable Chimney Repair in Dublin?

At The Dublin Roofers, we do not let anything compromise the health and safety of your roof or the stability of your indoor comfort. Find out why we are Dublin’s number one choice for roof repair and related services, including regular roof maintenance on your Dublin property. You can count on us for prompt chimney repair and timely fascia and soffit replacement anywhere in Dublin. Schedule your appointment now!

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